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June 23, 2001


Wedding Day 6/23/01

Honeymoon in Greece 6/25 - 7/6/01

Rehearsal Dinner 6/22/01

Enron Field 6/21/01

Shower hosted by John and Anne Bailie, Wanna, and Molly Reed 5/5/01

Shower hosted by Kyle and Analisa Frazier and Brad and Amy Borg 5/13/01

Trip to Kansas City and Shower hosted by Barb and Bill Bins 5/19/01


If you want a higher resolution picture for printing, better viewing, etc., click on the link to the picture and delete the "S_" from the URL. In other words, if you want the high resolution picture of http://www.mischlich.org/wedding/greece/S_DCP_1435.JPG, view the URL http://www.mischlich.org/wedding/greece/DCP_1435.JPG.

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