Julie and Doug's Trip to Greece

Our Honeymoon



Chania on the Island of Crete

The Island of Rhodes


Thanks to Basil and Missy Nichols whose advice was invaluable in planning our trip.

Also thanks to our travel agent Florence Petrides of Petrides Tours. If you want to go to Greece, we highly recommend using  Florence as your travel agent. Our trip was well planned and went off PERFECTLY.

Note: If you want a higher resolution picture for printing, better viewing, etc., click on the link to the picture and delete the "S_" from the URL. In other words, if you want the high resolution picture of http://www.mischlich.org/wedding/greece/S_DCP_1435.JPG, view the URL http://www.mischlich.org/wedding/greece/DCP_1435.JPG

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