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Day 1 Friday - Thirteen days before Ash Wednesday

If you want to see Mardi Gras but don't want the big crowds, then go to New Orleans 13 days before Ash Wednesday. You can see all the fun of Mardi Gras including the parades without the extremely large crowds. The big Mardi Gras days are the Friday before Ash Wednesday through Fat Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday). During these day it gets very crowded. Then again, you may enjoy the wild, crazy, and uncontrollable crowd!

Now off to the trip. Cut out of work early and mentally prepare for a fun weekend. Your first choice is if you want to drive or fly. The drive has lots of different scenery. When coming from Houston, sites include East Texas (sorry didn't take any pictures of East Texas), the swampDcp00437.jpg (78301 bytes) once you enter LouisianaDcp00438.jpg (97552 bytes), and long bridges with swamps Dcp00443.jpg (89621 bytes) on both sides Dcp00446.jpg (87720 bytes). Seriously, it is a scenic drive if you have the time. There are a couple of good Cajun places to eat along the way, including one just north of I-10 at LA exit #8 (the best oyster or shrimp po-boys around). New Orleans is 350 miles or a 6 hour drive from Houston. The other choice is to hop on the cattle car and fly Southwest. Either way you want to be in New Orleans in the early evening.

On the way into town, drop by one of the parades. You can get your parade schedule from and parade advice from Harold LaPrime. HaroldDCP00544.JPG (111221 bytes) (right most person in picture) is the expert on New Orleans. I'm sure he can provide a better itinerary, however, this one is pretty good. Back to the parades, which may sound silly, but they are more fun than you can imagine. I don't know how to explain the enjoyment out of catching beads... you gotta be there. There are parades though out the weekend and through out the city. Try to catch at least three or four when you're in town

It's about time to check into the Hotel. I recommend the Royal SonestaDCP00579.JPG (129811 bytes) (on Bourbon if you want to be in the French Quarter),  La Quinta, Marriott, or Double-tree (last three not quite as expensive but 3 blocks from Bourbon and 3 blocks from the street car).

Are you hungry or thirsty? You might as well get it out of the way and hit Bourbon streetbourbonst2.jpg (132008 bytes). It looks quite different at night, this picture was taken 9am Sunday. I recommend the Sea Port on Bourbon. The food is OK, but make sure you get the good view and sit on the balcony overlooking the street. It's a great place to watch Bourbon Street and stay out of the rat-race. Arnaud's has great food in an old building. There are other quick places to eat in the French Quarter that are fun and have good food.

It's probably time to wind down, but not before some good jazz/blues in the Quarter. I will defer bar/music my recommendation to Harold.

Day 2 Saturday - Twelve days before Ash Wednesday

If I'm in New Orleans on a Saturday morning, I'll do everything possible to go YARD SALING in the Garden District / Uptown Area!!! Great stuff you won't see in Houston, plus the added benefit of seeing the City. The Garden District is great for ANTIQUE SHOPS on Magazine Street and the area is filled with the beautiful houses (1, 2, 3, 4, and more).

If you don't want to go yard-saling, sleep in...but don't miss breakfast with a cup of coffee with chicory, at the Blue Bird cafe, or at another cafe DCP00540.JPG (128683 bytes) (Tara's) in the Garden District..

Now that you've had a good meal, it's time to go SHOPPING in the French Quarter. There are quite a few shopsDCP00458.JPG (123649 bytes) in the Quarter, enough for hours of shopping or browsing. There's even entertainmentDcp00456.jpg (248523 bytes) everywhere you turn. You also have to drop by Pat O'Brien's PatObriens.jpg (162311 bytes) for a quick drink. The garden atmosphereDcp00452.jpg (175882 bytes) is soothing in the afternoon, however, evening time at Pat O's is a different story.

It's getting to be early afternoon and New Orleans wouldn't be complete without a street car DCP00503.JPG (159039 bytes) ride. The street cars run from Canal-Bourbon area, down St Charles (Garden District) and up Carrolton Avenue. Get on at Canal and take the street car to the end and back. You pass LoyolaDcp00499.jpg (127376 bytes) and many other sights along St. Charles. I recommend stopping midway and seeing the Audubon ZooDcp00538.jpg (140456 bytes) and all the animalsdcp00522.jpg (452946 bytes). It's an impressive Zoo.

Now the main event: Dinner in New Orleans. I can recommend lots of places including Emeril's and Nola's, but this choice requires lot of thought and consultation with Harold.

After dinner, I'll let you plan your own evening. There's such a wide variety of music, dancing, parades, bars, and other night life in New Orleans. This would also be a good time to meet up with Harold for a drink or two. I can almost taste the daiquiris

Day 3 Sunday - Eleven days before Ash Wednesday

Since I'm the good Catholic boy, I'll start Sunday out with Mass at the St. Louis CathedralDCP00460.JPG (250096 bytes). It's as beautiful outside as it is insidecathedral.jpg (298279 bytes). It's located along the south (near the River) end of the Quarter. Afterwards, you can grab coffee and a quick benet at the Cafe Du MondeDcp00549.jpg (104927 bytes)... delicious and the tourist thing to do, but you gotta do it.

Next you can go to the AquariumDCP00564.JPG (110891 bytes) or you can take a River BoatDcp00486.jpg (100151 bytes) ride along the Mississippi RiverDcp00481.jpg (186112 bytes). They both take about 2 hours. You can even sit along the River and listen to the entertainmentjazz.jpg (131556 bytes).

It's getting time to leave town but not before grabbing a quick bite at Guy's Po-Boysguys.jpg (124046 bytes). The best po-boys in New Orleans, located on Magazine in the Garden District.

Don't hesitate to think about adding another day to the visit. In fact, according to Harold, Sunday is a a big party day.


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